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Education/Mini Grants
At the Oconee Chamber of Commerce, we are fortunate to be able to sponsor many programs designed to recognize and reward educators, students, and schools in Oconee County. Throughout the year, we sponsor the following:
  • STAR Student Breakfast
  • Teacher Mini Grants
  • Educational Scholarships
The Oconee Chamber of Commerce has developed a program offering mini grants to Oconee County teachers and support staff who wish to implement creative and innovative educational projects, but are unable to secure funding through traditional sources. That's where we step in. 

Mini-grant monies must be used to purchase materials, supplies, equipment, etc. necessary for the successful completion of a project.  For example, a mini grant could be used to purchase science equipment for a special science experiment, to purchase software packages for computer applications in any number of curriculum areas, or to fund parent study skill programs designed to improve the quality of parental involvement in their child’s homework.

Specialized educational trips will be considered only if they are an integral part of the proposed project.  Mini grant funds must be used for resources specific to the approved project and may not be used as personal compensation.

2018 Mini Grant Recipients

Front Row: Natalie Schneider
Second Row L to R: Paulette Moon, Julie Hayes, Christina Crowe,  Julie McCullers, Tiffany Rasmussen, Melanie Hennings, Lisa Boyd
Back Row L to R: Susan Howard, Paige Bowen, Jennifer Miller, Emily Johnson, Dr. Kevin Stewart, Kristen Baldwin, Fran Taylor
 Not pictured: Julie Ellspermann and Causey Cato
The Education Foundation of Oconee County was established through a joint effort of the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce, the public schools, and Athens Academy with the primary goal of developing the greatest resource in Oconee County-its people.

​The function of the Foundation is to receive and administer funds for enhancing education in Oconee County. Funds are sought through gifts, grants, bequests, donations, memorials, and philanthropic sources. The Education Foundation is a tax-exempt corporation and any funds contributed to the Education Foundation are tax deductible.

The Education Foundation has developed a four-point "Strategy for Success" to help children, and those adults in need, achieve their educational goals:
1. Encourage Innovative Teaching (Mini-Grant program for teachers)
2. Providing Continuing Education (Scholarships for teachers to continue their education)
3. Recognize Excellence (Honoring teachers, students, and administrators who excel in fulfilling their potential in education)
4. Maintain Sound Fiscal Status (Contributions are tax deductible and administered by the Board of Directors)