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Oconee Chamber of Commerce “Spotlight”  Requirements

The “Spotlight” was developed as a way for chamber members to let other chamber members know about their business. Your write-up is put in our weekly newsletter. This newsletter is emailed to all chamber members; this includes the city and county government, school board and business community. 
“Spotlight” is a write up on your business that is 100 words or less. Be sure to tell what type of business you are, what services you offer and the benefits of someone doing business with you. It should include you business name, address, phone, email, website, and contact name info. We would not recommend putting information regarding an upcoming event; since we take these on a first come basis, and it may not get to the newsletter until after the event.
You can also send your logo in a JPG file and it will be placed in the Spotlight. The logo cannot be included in the word doc. It must be a separate attachment.
Please send in a word document so that we can copy and paste into the newsletter. Changes will not be made to the written document other than a possible font and size change to make it fit into the space allotted.
All spotlights are to be emailed directly to Sarah Caven at scaven@oconeechamber.org
If there are any questions, please contact Sarah at 706-769-7947.
I hope you will take advantage of this free advertisement that the Oconee Chamber offers its members.
Below are several questions to help you complete your spot light for the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce E-newsletter.
Please feel free to add any information that you feel is relevant to your business and the public.
1. Basic info about your business:
What is the name of your business?
Where are you located?
Do you have more than 1 location?
What are your hours of operation?
2. Define your business:
How would you classify your business?
EXAMPLE - Goods: Sporting Goods, Groceries, Promotional Items…
EXAMPLE – Service: Insurance, Restaurant, Printing
3. Background on you and your business:
How long has the business been in existence?
Are you the original owner of the business or is it a family business that has been passed down through generations?
4. Community Involvement:
Are you involved with any community organizations or charities?
5. Special Promotions:
Do you have a special or sale on a product or service?
Is there a special discount for chamber members? ( ie: Member to Member discount)